NFT stands for non-fungible token. non fungible means UNIQUE. For example, Art and collectibles are often considered non-fungible because of their unique properties. Other examples, assets like diamonds, land, or baseball cards are not fungible because each unit has unique qualities that add or subtract value. For instance, because individual diamonds have different cuts, colors, sizes, and grades, they are not interchangeable, so they cannot be referred to as fungible goods. So Fungible refers to items or commodities that can be exchanged with other assets or commodities of the same type. An NFT is a unique digital asset that is not directly replaceable with another digital asset. Here at the Metaliums project, we introduced the NFO or Non-Fungible Object, these are unique collectible objects with unique properties, characteristics directly linked to its NFT digital representation. Each physical object will have an embedded barcode pointing to its smart contract transaction.

Notice the smart contract will represent the latest minted transaction when you buy the NFT. If you choose to resell the NFT, you must ship the physical object as well to the new owner. Only the new owner can claim ownership of any physical item.

Metaliums are objects that can be collected, traded and appreciated physically and digitally. Many experts like Kevin O’Leary made the prediction that NFT will become bigger than Bitcoin and non fungible objects will be part of it.

The Metaliums, passion for art, fashion, technology.

Luis Hernandez