Based in Oklahoma, our lead designer, Luis Hernandez, has been working with 3D modeling, digital art, computer programming, and different manufacturing processes for more than 15 years, but recently he turned his attention to the NFT world. He believes that the “non-fungible token” and “non-fungible objects” are the future of creation, as they provide the ownership of digital and physical property that can be validated by the world in minutes.

By combining the perpetuity (created forever), decentralization of the blockchain, and physical objects, he came up with the idea of ​​creating the Metaliums. The first objects that came to his mind in the creation process were coins, the reason for this, he said; “because they are the oldest and most collectible items in the world”, and by adding some futuristic features, the first Metalium came to life. He is currently expanding his collection that will include personal wallets, phone cases and other items that could even be used as wearable in the metaverse world.

The Metaliums brand offers the best of the NFT space and the physical world and these two combined together is a big deal for crypto enthusiast, collectors and investors. He is creating unique rare items that only a few people in the world can own. Metaliums are scarce digital art and physical objects by nature since their maximum supply will always be kept low. We also offer Non NFT version of some of our products. For example, our new wallet collection is offer as NFT and as non NFT version. These Non-Nft items will be available soon on different market places online but Keep in mind that they will not shared unique features and characteristics as the NFT/NFO versions.

Each Metalium NFT/NFO (non fungible objects) is designed and manufactured one by one and each designed feature is unique to a specific object group. Some features will be shared between them but feature like textures, Qr codes, and laser marked patterns belongs to each of them.

Luis created Metaliums in a way that they can be collected. For example, in the case of coins, some batches will be created in exotic metals like titanium, stainless steel and some special batches will be cast in real 18k gold. Other objects like physical wallets, are made with the best full grain leather and high grade aircraft aluminum to make sure they last for a very long time.

We are very proud and excited to work with him, if you have any suggestions for custom-made minted Metaliums let us know so we can put you on a whitelist.

The Metaliums team

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