NFT / 2D Digital Art

NFT / 2D Digital Art

The first 21st century coin living in 3 worlds. The world's most collectible items, coins, now available on the blockchain as non fungible token (NFT), in the physical world as a 3d printed object and as 3d model in Metaverse. Having a multiverse object that people could recognize perpetually for the next centuries is an amazing and an exciting idea.

Physical World - 3d Printed Object

Physical World - 3d Printed Object

Metaliums will live in the physical world too. We could say, we are creating non-fungible objects (NFO) since these objects are unique and directly linked to its NFT representation on the blockchain.

Metaverse World

Metaverse World

Metaliums also live in the metaverse world where they will be displayed and available for sale at the metaliums store. Metaliums will be linked to a smart contract on the Decentraland or similar metaverse platform. These unique objects will provide more value to collectors, investors than ever before. If you own a Metalium you will be entitled to display it at the Metaliums store forever on metaverse.

The statistic shows that most people/collectors/investors will never spend money on digital art. Metaliums were designed for those looking to collect something they can appreciate digitally and physically.

The Metaliums collection, providing real value to the crypto space.

Luis Hernandez

The Creator


Coin collecting goes back to ancient times. Wealthy individuals collected different types of coins with special value or history. Even historical figures like Augustus Caesar collected coins.

In the past, coin collecting wasn’t a trendy “hobby” because most people used their coins to survive. Coin collecting gained popularity in the 1800s when middle-class individuals were able to collect coins and now is one of the most attractive collectible items in the world. However, Metaliums will not only be for collection but to be used in Metaverse as a wearable, as a tradable item, and possibly as a way of payment. Also, we are not not only creating Coins, we are creating personal objects that people will love to owe such as wallets, phone cases, personalized wedding rings, jewelries etc that we will turn into NFTs.


In the case of coins, everything starts with a 3d object seed to create 3 children. First, a 2d art is created and minted as NFT. Secondly, a 3d object is printed using the same seed model, a QR code pointing to the address on the blockchain is embedded in the object then as the last step, a glTF file is generated from the seed, this format file will represent a unique Metalium in the metaverse platform, every Metalium figure will have unique features and characteristics such texture, colors, patterns.

Metal Coins

The Statue of Liberty coin will measure 1.5″ dia and 0.2″ thick
It will be cast in exotic metals from bronze, stainless steel to 18k gold. A 3d barcode pointing to the blockchain transaction will be embedded on the backside of the coin.

Some experts predict NFTs will have more value than cryptocurrencies.

The Metaliums, releasing its first presidential coin that will be cast in real 18k Gold. We created a 3d model of the president then extruded and projected it to the front, his face can only be distinguished from its front view as shown on the video below. The final 3D part will be cast in exotic metals and will measure 1.5″ in diameter x .5″ thick.


The first batch will be made in durable plastic polymers with denominations starting at 1 to 250 in (in 5 increments).

The second batch will be printed in durable carbon fiber. Metaliums made in this material will last for several decades if not centuries.

The last batch will be printed in exotic metals such as bronze, stainless steel, titanium, and the final batch will be cast in real 24k gold.

3D printed Metaliums can be separated leaving just the coin. A wooden or acrilyc display stand will also be available for purchase on our store.

Metaliums were created out of love for digital art, fashion, technology, and passion for creativity in the form of NFT and NFO. Our main goal is to create value for our holders as we progress.

Luis Hernandez
The Creator


Each Metalium has a permanent traceable barcode pointing to its smart contract address on the blockchain. Using our own developed script, each square grid of the QR code is extruded and converted into 3D blocks then embedded on the backside of each coin. Other patterns may be included on the coin surface to make it more unique and rare.


The profit generated by some special coin denominations will be reserved for the purchase of the land and construction of the Metaliums store on metaverse. Every owner of Metaliums will be entitled to display their Non fungible tokens forever on the Metaliums store at no cost.

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